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Staff thoughts and life lessons about poverty, injustice, leadership, religion and other social issues in the world today.

Why would anyone want to be religious?

Thoughts by Dave Blundell – 3 minute read

In my travel to about 40 different countries over the past 20 years I've encountered and engaged a lot of religion. I have toured many churches, temples, shrines, mosques and monasteries. I have been in the most ornate and invaluable holy sites and I have also been in worship places carved out of rock and made of mud and sticks. I have discussed faith with Buddhist Priests, Muslim Imams, Hindus, Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, Orthodox Priests, many different flavors of Christian leaders of various denominational backgrounds, agnostics and fervent atheists. I have had my fill of religion.

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48 747’s

Thoughts by Dave Blundell – 2 minute read

How do you think the world would respond if a world leader filled 48 Boeing 747’s with children, with just enough fuel to take off, and then watched them crash…and did this each and every day?

We would be sickened. It would completely take over the world’s attention. The international community would…freak out…unify…take military action…and do whatever it took and as soon as possible to immediately stop such a preventable crime against humanity.

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