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Staff thoughts and life lessons about poverty, injustice, leadership, religion and other social issues in the world today.

What is the one thing more effective than motivation?

Thoughts by Dave Blundell – 3 minute read

What leader, parent, teacher, pastor, employer, or any other position of authority you can think of doesn't want their people to be more motivated to do some things and less motivated to do others? Think about how much of your day is spent trying to motivate people to do something. To buy something. To finish something. To start something.

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What good is short-term missions?

Thoughts by Dave Blundell – 3 minute read

I could go on and on about the increasingly negative messaging surrounding short-term missions. Some of the messaging even has some good thoughts that we should pay attention to. Of course, nobody wants to hurt in the helping, and sometimes we do. However, does this desire to do it well mean we should avoid short-term missions all together?

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2018 Year End Update

Thoughts by Dave Blundell – 12 minute read

Not that long ago, I had an epiphany about something that, well, isn’t actually so profound. I had this idea that after Jesus performed miracles in people’s lives, their lives became perfect. But, think about it: everyone that Jesus healed likely got sick again. Everyone that Jesus fed was hungry a few hours later. Everyone that Jesus raised from the dead definitely died again. So, what was the point of all of those miracles, compassion, and meeting people’s physical needs?

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2018 Mid-year Update

Thoughts by Charlene Stinson – 6 minute read

Hungry For Life is passionate about facilitating changed lives. We want to see the world transformed. And, to see that happen, it will mean lives changed both spiritually and physically all around the globe. We believe these two are connected.

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Who's the standard here?

Thoughts by Dave Blundell – 5 minute read

We live in such a critical age. Why is it so deeply engrained in us to make ourselves the standard by which we evaluate other people? I think the answer to that question lies in our self-centered default. If we are the centre of our lives, we evaluate others by the filter of ourself. The more full of myself I am, the more I become God’s gift to the world that everyone should endeavor to be like. 

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Don't Just Stand There

Thoughts by Daniel Mack – 4 minute read

A few months ago, I wrote a blog called "What Does the Bible Say About Relief & Development?” There I made the claim, “...the Bible is significant and it has a significant amount to say about Relief and Development.” And, I’ll be the first to take the title, “Captain Obvious” on that one. But, looking back now, I feel like I shortchanged part of the conversation. Even though I quoted what probably seemed like half the Bible in that blog, I left out an important element: “Application.”

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What the Church is Not

Thoughts by Daniel Mack – 5 minute read

Every Christian arrives at their beliefs with preconceived notions. We carry fears, opinions and images into our perspective. Early on, these ideas (both positive and negative) shape our interactions. We might push away from Christ, His followers, and their activities based on our past experience. Or, we could feel led to learn more, to draw closer and seek Jesus because of who we understand these people to be. And, while God can bring someone from a harsh negative opinion of the Church (take Paul for example) just as easily as he can bring someone who has seen the warm disposition of Jesus (take Peter for example) to faith, I believe Christians can always do a better job of removing those obstacles. We don’t have to be the source of someone else’s negative opinion of the Church.

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Foreigners in “Our” Land!

Thoughts by Dave Blundell – 4 minute read

I am generally super careful about generalizations. But, anyone who has a problem with immigration—especially immigration based on desperate need—must be motivated by a threat to “our” way of life. By “our way of life” I mean religiously, socially, economically or just the simple preference to be around people who are “normal”… like me. “America (Canada) First” or any type of nationalistic protectionism is a profoundly self-centered position. 

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The Lever of Leadership

Thoughts by Dave Blundell – 2 minute read

Think for a minute about how much of human history, good and bad, has been impacted by a relatively small group of people. Constantine, Machiavelli, Martin Luther, Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Hitler, Billy Graham, Churchill, Martin Luther King Jr., for example, all have one simple thing in common. They are all leaders. Admittedly, this particular list is a sphere of leadership relatively few of us will ever operate in. However, the principle still applies regardless of how many people you lead. Whether you lead a classroom of students or a nation, the weight is heavy but the opportunity is the stuff that literally makes history. 

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What Does the Bible Say About Relief & Development?

Thoughts by Daniel Mack – 7 minute read

Christians know that the Bible is both a guide to life in this world and a defiant claim against what the world says we should be. Our source is—in my opinion—the most fascinating and, at the same time, challenging work ever written.

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