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Children in Mexico face a potentially difficult life. According to the Latin American Foster Care Network, an estimate of 400,000 children in Mexico live without parental care, including 100,000 who live on the streets. The girls who now call El Refugio home have come from neglecte, abuse, prostitution and/or drug abuse.

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Located on the summit of the Copper Canyon, this Pima Indian village is a ten hour drive south from Juarez, Mexico. Babicora has a population of 300 people with an additional estimation of 20,000 living within the copper canyon.

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Located in the mountainous region of the Copper Canyon, the village of Guacaivo is a six-hour drive south of Rio Chico. The Tarahumara are an unreached people group that inhabit remote areas of the ridges and valleys of this canyon system-the largest in the Western Hemisphere.

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