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Empowering others to live out their calling

Through our years of experience, we've developed systems and tools that have inspired, encouraged and helped us to work effectively. We now want to share this expertise with others. These are the topics and opportunities we can offer you to help your non-profit organization have impact that changes the world.

Organizational Leadership

Vision, Mission, Values

Nothing is more important to an organization than the process of articulating shared vision of a different future, a clear description of the mission (purpose) of the organization and the non-negotiable values that guide its action. Every activity flows from the vision, mission and values.

Board Governance and Function

For any non-profit organization to be successful, it must have a healthy governance model and leadership structure. There is incredible freedom when a Board and Staff know their respective roles and how the two bodies interact. Healthy Board engagement is critical to moving an organization toward its vision, and great impact is often prohibited by an unclear governance structure.

Advancement and Development

Developing the resources to fuel the organization can be both a heavy and fearful responsibility for the Board and senior staff. Understanding donor-centered development turns fundraising into a joy-driven initiative where the leadership realizes that they are giving to the donor and not taking.

Strategy and Results Planning

Strategy and results planning flows naturally from a well-articulated vision, mission and values. This topic helps the organization answer the question, ‘How do we get from here to there?’ Among all of the many activities an organization could do, what are the most helpful few priorities that will move it forward?

Change Management

Every non-profit exists to address a need; to change something. However, people naturally resist change. Regardless of whether we are talking about small or large changes, it is vital for organizational leadership to understand how to manage change in order to have the desired impact.

Public Engagement and Communications

In a loud and busy world, how can non-profit organizations educate, inspire and call to action more and more people? With lots of practical tools and transferable ideas, we can help organizations communicate results to stakeholders in a way that keeps people engaged and grows influence.

International Relief and Development

International Development Leadership

This will provide small organizations the background, principles and context of international relief and development. The principles and measurements of development are critical to know if we are doing the right and best things in the field. We also provide all the essential tools and templates for international relief and development project management.

Cross-Cultural Leadership & Interaction

The complexities of inter-cultural interaction and communication can often prevent long-term partnerships from succeeding. Only through understanding a society’s culture, customs and ideologies can one build healthy relationships. Using the same material we use to train our staff, we can help equip others with the basic cross-cultural intelligence skills and know-how to work successfully long term with international partners.

Planning and Leading Short-Term Teams

Teams are a vital component to meaningful, effective and long-term partnerships. However, they can often take a lot of time and money and have limited lasting value if not implemented well. We can equip organizations to both plan and lead short-term teams so that they are of maximum value to the participants, the field partners and communities involved.

Developing Your Team

Building a Support Team

Funding the key staff is critical to the sustainability of the organization’s future. HFL believes strongly in the personal support-team building model and has developed excellent training material to help organizations understand the biblical and practical basis of personal fundraising. The training also equips staff in the ‘how to’ of cultivating and developing the support needed to fund the key individuals.

Professional Development

We can work with organizations to provide professional individual and team development.