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Dale Clark

A tribute

After a two-year battle with cancer, Dale passed away on November 20. Dale was a loved member of the HFL family — a gifted leader and colleague who served selflessly. He is remembered by his wife, Glenda, and sons, Tyler and Justin and daughter-in-law, Susie.

From success to significance

My earliest memories of my earliest conversations with Dale were about his tenacious struggle to move from a career defined by success to a life defined by significance and impact.

He had lots of opportunities to advance his executive careers. He was a gifted finance analyst, banker and, later, a laser-focused operations manager. So systems- and results-focused in fact, that he told me that he constantly needed to remind himself that this was all about people.

He got involved in Hungry For Life first as a board member and then the Board Chair. In those days, he often flirted with the idea of coming on staff, but struggled to grapple with the idea of raising financial support. He saw the potential of HFL’s impact and, with that, the ability to be part of it.

As the Board Chair, Dale came with me to Kenya and Uganda in 2013. Near the end of the trip, Dale kind of just blurted out, “I have to just do this!” The THIS was coming on staff. He called Glenda from Uganda, and I remember Dale telling me how supportive she was of THIS.

For Dale, this was his move from success to significance. He wanted to spend the rest of his working days serving those who suffered needlessly. And he did.

When I think of the past decade of serving the world, worshiping in church, and following Jesus with Dale, his relentless struggle to die to self and move from success to significance is his biggest impact on me. And that move had an impact around the globe in the few short years he served at HFL.

For the past two years, we have all been pleading for God to heal Dale. Dale is now healed… and we are now broken.

“Prized in the eyes of God is the death of his faithful ones.”

Psalm 116:15

Dave Blundell
Executive Director