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Two Weeks After

Friday, June 15th, 2018

The authorities state there are now 114 confirmed dead, with up to 200 people missing. The rescue efforts have been hampered by heavy rains, and mud slides.

Last week, the day after Tono and his team made it into Zapote, the road washed away, leaving the people in the area stranded, except for a much longer route.

 As far as re:building in the affected communities, there is still no word on where these people could go.  The farmland around those areas (which was the main source of work) is destroyed, so it is likely they will leave and find a new area.  Everyone is hoping that the government will step up to help find the survivors a new land to live on, but it's doubtful.  All that to say, we remain at a stand still.  It's hard when tragedy like this hits a country like Guatemala, there are willing hands to help, but the government funds (or their willingness to release said funds) to make things really happen are lacking.  

The transition from the immediate needs into the rebuilding and clean up is beginning and wisdom is needed by all parties to do it well.