Ongoing aid update | Hungry For Life

Ongoing aid update

Wednesday, June 6th, 2018

The devastation has been beyond what words can express. People have lost family members and their homes; everything that was precious to them was lost in a matter of minutes. It has been heartbreaking to watch our local news reports and hear the traumatic stories.

And yet, there is something extraordinarily beautiful about the Guatemalan people: their hearts to help and their strength to survive. In the past two days since the volcano eruption, there has been a drive in the hearts of so many to serve, to buy supplies, to open up homes to refugees, to put themselves in harms way to rescue, to pray, to be the kind of neighbor that God’s Word challenges us to be. It has been inspiring and humbling.

We live just over 15 miles away from where the greatest devastation occurred, but we are safe. Our sister church and school program in Zapote are just a few miles away from where the worst destruction took place. Thankfully they are okay, but they are currently acting as an evacuation point for surrounding villages. Our church is currently collecting supplies to be brought to Zapote. As soon as the roads are opened up we will be making a trip to bring the supplies and see what the other needs are that they are facing. Please help us to pray. We serve a Mighty God. A Loving God. A God who is merciful and compassionate. He never leaves nor forsakes us.