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A Story of Encouragement - UCI Haiti

Friday, June 12th, 2020

"Claude Celiphin has been working at UCI ever since its establishment in Caiman, Haiti. He and his family live in the community and attend UCI's church and school. The first year that he worked at UCI, Claude had the goal of buying a cow as an investment to help his family. Cows are very valuable in Haiti to help with plowing and running the sugar cane mills. 

It is not many families that have enough income to support a cow. After saving for several months, Claude purchased his cow. This original cow produced 10 offspring that Claude used for work or sold for profit.  Several years ago he and his wife discussed tithing one of the cows to the church in recognition of how God had blessed them. Sadly, before they could do this, Claude's wife lost her life after birthing their 6th child. During this time of CoVid-19, UCI has been able to give out food to more than 2,000 families in several communities. Claude came to us on Sunday and said that God had convicted his heart after seeing so many people blessed by this food. He gave a cow to the church in memory of his wife's wishes. He wants us to sell the cow and buy more food to help people during this crisis. We praise God for this faithful example of stewardship and trust that God will bless the Celiphin family in many ways that only He can."


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