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Situation Update: January 15th, 2014

Helping Altavas

From Joven:

Altavas was devastated by typhoon Yolanda. We went for an inspection and found out that the folks there were in dire need of assistance. We originally planned on helping them during the Christmas season but unfortunately we were unable to because we cannot truck in the relief goods from Manila in time.
The relief goods came in on December 30, the Altavas municipal trucks came in to pick up the goods only to be stopped by a torrential rain. The water rose from 0 to hip level in 5 minutes. The roads of Numancia was shut down due to extreme flooding. 

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Situation Update: December 11th, 2013


After a month, Joven and Anita can use the fan because they finally have electricity!!! This is definitely something to be thankful for considering how hot it gets there. 

The Antolins are waiting for the most recent wire transfer to land in their bank before they go about helping Altavas. Joven predicts they can assist 1000 people!!

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Situation Update: December 5th, 2013

Silent Night

Joven went and visited the municipality of Altavas yesterday. One village lost 94 of the 98 homes.The ones that are getting some help are closest to the highway. There are families residing two hours away from town and have not received any assistance at all. Joven had to ride a dump truck to get to one village as the roads are muddy.

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Situation Update: December 4th, 2013

Have You Ever Felt Forgotten?

From Joven and Anita:
"We are planning to go to Altavas as several communities there still have not received any assistance. it is so located in Aklan province. Can we call upon you once again on behalf of these people? We would like to let them know that GOD has not forgotten them. We will use whatever limited surplus we have to carry some of their burdens. They need rebuilding materials and relief goods.

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Situation Update: December 3rd, 2013

A New Beginning

Anita and I visited Criselda's sister at the hospital. She is 2 years old but she looked so frail due to a pneumonia and severe malnutrition. Public hospital in the Philippines can be so taxing to the families of the patient.

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Situation Update: November 29th, 2013

What a Woman!!

Anita brought 14000 feet of tarps for roofing materials, 275 kilos of nails, 60 kilos of galvanized wire for tying the tarps and 500 blankets. It is not common for people to think of hardware materials as a part of relief goods but this is an incredible need. Food and clothing items become useless when people get soaked in the rain.

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Situation Update: November 26th, 2013

Getting It Done

Joven and Anita are working tirelessly to help those in Batan. They got home at 1:00am the other day!! So far they’ve delivered:

100 sacks of rice
3000 cans of sardines
2000 cans of corn beef
5000 packages of noodles

And they will be bringing in 12000 ft. of tarps and 500 blankets today.

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Situation Update: November 20th, 2013

Bringing Hope

We brought 40 sacks of rice and 6 big boxes of nails. We are now planning to bring special water purifiers to the community and this will provide potable water for long-term use instead of bottled ones. Got home really late last night and was so tired but we are blessed to bring the LOVE of GOD to this community .

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Situation Update: November 18th, 2013

Relief Efforts Begin

Joven and Anita are taking 40 sacks of rice to Batan and looking into purchasing canned food and building materials from Manila; his brother, John, is helping with this. He is also requesting free delivery of the goods from a shipping company. Please pray for favour.

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Situation Update: November 14th, 2013

A Community in Shambles

I went to visit the town of Batan, Aklan. Many homes were ripped apart by the storm but thankfully there were minimal casualties. This community is hurting right now and they are not getting any assistance as most of the donations are going to places that are under the media attention.

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