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We desire to bring about change in the world

Out of that, desire we’ve created a variety of books and music that inspire, challenge and motivate.


Professionally Religious

We are all tired of hearing about the failure and recession of the Western Church. We are also tired of trying to find methods to resuscitate it and see a resurgence of its impact.

As leaders, we need to stop looking at ways to renovate the Church and first look at ourselves. We need to examine our own spiritual poverty as the leading cause of the Church’s failure to be more than it is now. The spiritual transformation of its leaders will result in the spiritual transformation of the Church.

Professionally Religious is for pastors, directors, CEO’s, boards, elders, teachers, managers, parents, and anyone concerned about spiritual influence.

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Hungry For Life

Our vision will only be realized when selfless values are lived out by an ever increasing number of God’s people. In this book, HFL founder and Executive Director Dave Blundell presents a concise summary of physical poverty in the developing world and spiritual poverty in the developed world. He then paints a biblical picture of a compassionate community of faith, comparing the contemporary Western Church against what it was intended to look like. The final section includes the core value changes necessary for the Church to rediscover its place as a relevant force of love and compassion.

Pockets of Change

Pockets of Change is about stories. Stories of transformed lives, of people and families and communities changed, of hope against insurmountable odds. This powerful and thought-provoking book will move you to want to be part of a global movement of compassion and justice.


What You Do With What You Know - Shekinah Band

This CD/DVD project is intended to inspire, serve and encourage the Church of Jesus Christ in its quest to address both spiritual and physical poverty around the globe. The CD is filled with inspirational songs of worship born out of this heart and passion. The accompanying DVD includes a documentary about the Shekinah Band journey, a documentary about the organization Hungry For Life International, and a number of worship videos.

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