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Fullwell Leadership

Helping non-profits have a bigger impact

Fullwell provides professional and trained leadership consulting and coaching to the leaders of other charities, helping to remove obstacles to having a larger impact.

Over the years, leaders of other organizations began to approach HFL asking if we could help them with various components of leading and growing their charities. We saw the exponential potential of investing in other leaders and organizations. Rather than competing with other charities, we became passionate about helping other organizations have a bigger impact. As a social enterprise, the funds that are generated by serving leaders and organizations in developed nations provide the funds to help develop leaders around the world.


Bringing expertise in non-profit leadership and management, Fullwell consultants act as process facilitators for leaders and their teams. We come alongside leaders, helping to address problems that keep non-profits from having a greater impact.


Often leaders need a safe place to process their challenges and thoughts. Leadership coaches are thought partners that are skilled and trained to listen actively and ask powerful questions that result in change.

Visit fullwell.ca to learn more about how we can help you and your team.