Beach Corner Church - August 2011 | Hungry For Life

August 2011: ,

A team of 12 people from Beach Corner Church in Stoney Plain, Alberta traveled to Cusco, Peru for a two week period. The purpose of the trip was to come alongside the Sunday School leaders in assisting and teaching in children & youth camps in 2 different villages: Capacmarca and Huanoquite. The team also helped ATEK with construction on their office building, including a section that will be used for housing leaders from communities when they come for leadership training.

Additional items accomplished: 
  • Children's Camp—80 children
  • Youth Camp—145 youth
  • Various work projects at ATEK—sanding, washing, priming, painting walls and roof construction on dorm building

Team Testimonials:

"What impacted me the most was how giving the people were."
"Seeing how much not just the kids, but all the people there, enjoyed having us there and worked to get to know us, even with the language barrier. "
"It was neat how the children and people were so happy all the time, generally cheerful people despite not living in the comforts we expect."
"I was most impacted by the joy and excitement in all of the children at the village."
"I was really impacted by the fact that even in their circumstances they were still so joyful and full of life."
"Some of the villagers asked me to stay with them, telling me they would teach me Quechua. That is just an example of their hospitality and openness."