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Kids Camp 2

Thursday, August 8th, 2019

This post by Teigan

Okayyyyyyyyyyyyy… so, its Teigan. We are back at ATEK after the last kids camp of our 2019 Peru trip. It was a long short three days. I’m struggling to put together the words to describe our time in the village. Although there were many adorable dogs Kyle still refused to let us pet them. It was colder than the last, but it was nice to have the full team together serving. We woke up served breakfast to about 150 children and leaders, ate breakfast, 2 people washed dishes which took around two hours to complete while the other three made and bagged popcorn, then we played soccer, came back to serve lunch, do dishes and make popcorn, then went to play games where Kaitlyn and I became le lobo (wolves), came back for supper and dishes, and then we slept. The days felt long but it passed by in no time, hence the long short three days. At first the kids were reserved which felt more difficult to make a connection with them, but they opened up and we were blessed to see the joy in their hearts and the smiles on their faces. After one of the meals Kyle and I were doing dishes and he had asked me if I could go back to one of the villages and stay for a while which one would it be. My original answer was the first camp, mostly because it had felt the easiest. After taking time to think and reflect on both camps I withdraw my answer and simply leave it blank. I truly can’t answer that question, they both had their challenges and they both had their life lasting impacts. I thank God for every moment of our time spent with the children and if I was asked to go back I would do it in a heartbeat but to choose one is a simple question I can not answer. It has been an amazing opportunity to be able to come and serve in Peru. I have grown as a person and my faith has been strengthened. Never would I have imagined this to be the outcome of coming to Peru considering before the airport I wanted to turn around and just go home. At first I didn’t realize why God had called me to come to Peru but it has been made clear. Thank you for your prayer, God has provided were getting close to the end so we just ask that you pray for energy and a strength as we are getting closer to the end.

 p.s. Mom and Dad if you’re reading this can we pretty please have waffles for supper when I get home? Love and miss you both, see you on Sunday.


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