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Shoe Camp

Saturday, August 3rd, 2019

This post by Liam

So here I am, sitting in our team room at ATEK, reminiscing about how our time in Peru is half spent.

Today, team TKKL had the opportunity to visit a remote village with Pastor Moses. We were measuring children’s feet for a company that is donating shoes to children in Peru. The village had around 80 children. After we finished in the village, pastor Moses took us to a small restaurant which served some of the best fried fish I have ever eaten. After lunch, pastor Moses showed us the scenic route back to Cusco, where we had the singular experience of watching a plane from above. While we were having fun, Pastor Chris finished his lessons with the pastors at the conference. We are currently hanging out, chatting and playing games. Tomorrow, we leave for Macchu Picchu and we are looking forward to a short break. When we return, we will be heading off to our final kid’s camp, hopefully with a full team this time. Stay tuned!


Prayer requests:

Continue to pray for the pastors conference as they continue to learn and prepare to go back to their villages and share their learning.

Pray for our upcoming kids camp and team unity as we prepare.

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