Capital Church - July 2013 | Hungry For Life

July 2013: ,

This was the first HFL trip for Capital Church. The team raised project money for 10 stoves in Zapote and construction work on the school in Membrillal. The team went with the goal to build all 10 stoves, work on the school in Membrillal, and also run a VBS in Zapote. They brought many donations with them, including: 2400 vitamins (enough for one month for the school in Zapote), stocking hats (200+), toothbrushes and toothpaste (given to Pastor Juan Luis in Zapote), and deodorant.

Read the trip blog.

Additional items accomplished: 
  • 4 foot foundation trench dug for the church in Membrillal
  • 4 rebar foundation columns built for library/computer building
  • Poured half the foundation for the library/computer building
  • 10 stoves built in Zapote (6) and Santa Marta (4)
  • 2 one-day VBS programs completed: One in Zapote and one in Membrillal

Team Testimonials:

“I want to do everything for God and others and think less of myself. I will do it to praise God, not to gain credit for me.”
“Because of this trip, I want to live with the realization that God can do anything through His people.”
“I have been changed in my thinking that I need to thank God more. Everything that happens in my life is for the glory of God and I need to live that out.”
“This trip has given me the desire to share God’s love with those who need it most.”
“I want to be more intentional about getting to know the people I meet. I am naturally an introvert, but this trip has taught me that I can love people so much better by putting myself out there.”
“God’s love is the same in any language. Just holding hands with a sister in Christ for a few minutes spoke volumes in a language we both understood.”