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April 2010: ,

The goal of this trip was to aid AIDIA in the renovations of a building that will be used as a training facility and dormitory for Quechua leaders and international teams. This team of nine from Chilliwack Alliance also honoured the missionaries from their church who have worked in this community and with these people, by experiencing and sharing in the work and love that went into these communities.

Community projects: 

Team Testimonials:

"[One highlight was] the dedication of the "local translators" in reaching their own people. They focused on literacy in the local communities . Once literate, they can read the Bible."
"[This trip gave me a] greater appreciation for the Bible I have in my own language and a great appreciation for long-term missionaries."
"[I learned] the value of the Word of God!"
"[I] will increase my personal calling to bring or engage more of the Chilliwack Alliance Church congregation towards going on short-term missions."
"[This trip] helped to re-center my relationship with God."
"I was most impacted by the fact that even though there was a language barrier we could still share the love of Christ and develop a bond with the staff at AIDIA. Their passion and dedication in each area of ministry was a part of them and so amazing."
"I have never realized that amount of time and energy that goes into translating the Bible , especially to have it in your own "heart language" so that not only can you read the words but understand it."
"This trip reinforced to me the importance of serving and being obedient to the Lord's leading. When He calls on me to act, I need to do so regardless of "what if?" At AIDIA the trainers can travel six hours by bus and then six-nine hours on foot to teach only to find no one from the villages has come to learn and yet they continue to go out because the Lord has called them to go. Even though they can be discouraged, they continue to trust God's direction to go and teach and pray earnestly for God's Spirit to work in the hearts of those future teachers and leaders in the villages."
"[One thing I will do differently is] to served the Lord and trust in Him completely. I need to be His hands and feet to those around me who don't know Him. It's easy to go through the motions but another thing to have the passion and fire to serve and be obedient no matter what. When the Lord calls me to act, I need to trust Him for the outcome regardless of how I want to do things."
"[One highlight was] to have been able to encourage the English-speaking missionaries in their "heart language." I never understood how important that is to an individual, to worship in our own native tongue, our "heart language," It was nice to include the English speakers in our devotional time and bless them."
"[I was impacted by] the dedication of the people who work within AIDIA. Also, they so beautifully exemplified a life lived sold out to the calling of Christ. They have such a love and passion for their people and really do go to the ends of the earth to reach them for the King."
"[I learned] that God's plan is multi-faceted, and so much bigger than what I can see from my limited vantage point.
"[One thing I will do differently is] be more intentional in my relationships, first with Jesus, and then with those God places in my path."