Cochrane Alliance Church - July 2012 | Hungry For Life

July 2012: ,

Cochrane Alliance sent their fourth team to San Raymundo to continue building relationships with the people of San Raymundo and Jesus Viene Church as well as to build a house for a family from the church and work on the 2nd floor of the school.

Read the team blog.

Additional items accomplished: 
  • 2 layers of block were laid of a house foundation for a family within the church
  • Rebar was cut, bent and tied for forming the roof for the 2nd story of the school building
  • 150 children attend 2 programs that were held
  • 10 bags of clothing were given away to families from the church
  • A water filtration system was installed so that the pastor and his family have clean drinking water from a tap that they can share with the community in the future

Team Testimonials:

"[One highlight I experienced on this trip was] when we were invited out to a couple different birthday parties and we were really immersed in the local culture."
"[One highlight I experienced on this trip was] getting to know the Guatemalan people. Those are relationships like no other."
"[This trip has impacted me and] I realize that mission trips are not all about the work, but about the relationships we build."
"[This trip has impacted me and] to return to the same area we were once before was great! We were able to see the progress of all the projects and more importantly we were able to get to know the people better and build relationships with them."
"I have been changed by this trip because of the loving and hospitable attitudes of the people in Guatemala, they are servants of God and I am encouraged to replicate that."
"[The experiences of this trip] have helped me to be more real, sincere, and caring. I want to continue to be more thankful and appreciative and to give back to others as much as I possibly can."
"My heart was broken when they all prayed for us and when we were all singing "Here I am to Worship" and I realized we all worship the same God even in different countries."
"[One thing I am going to change in the next six months is] I will work to deepen my faith and grow in God's work."
"It is difficult in our culture to not focus on materialism because we are bombarded from every side with it. I want to keep my focus on the Lord and what He wants from me next."