Cranbrook Community - May 2010 | Hungry For Life

May 2010: ,

A team of 14 traveled to Grand Goave, Haiti alongside Team Leader Jackie Edinborough to work alongside our partners at Haiti ARISE Ministries. The team, under the direction of Dr. Bob Cutler, hosted 8 days of medical clinics. The clinics typically see 900–1000 patients, with some patients needing follow up and even surgical care. The team also has two specialists that helped many Haitians deal with the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder caused by the earthquake that devastated the country on January 12th, 2010.

Community projects: 
Additional items accomplished: 
  • 800 people were seen during the clinic
  • 7.5 days of clinic were provided to the community
  • 1,600 lbs of rice was handed out at a children's church service
  • 200 children received enough food for a week
  • 2 malnourished babies cared for
  • 3 months of baby formula provided
  • 3-year-old boy assessed for heart surgery
  • 34-year-old man began diagnostics for a suspected lymphoma (he died 1 week after the team left)

Team Testimonials:

"This trip has impacted me [both] spiritually and non-spiritually. Going to the Church services [in Haiti] have made me realize how people who go through so much still have just as much faith or more [than me]. It has brought me closer to God"
"[I have been changed by this experience by] seeing these people living such a humble life and [they] are so grateful for the little [they have]. It makes me realize that I worry about everything and it's not worth it; and [that if you] give as much as possible it will come back to you when you need it."
"[The things I plan to change over the six months are to] pray more and have more of a relationship with God. [Also, to] not worry or fret about everything because it's not worth it. Life is too short!"
"[This trip has impacted me by] giving me a clear picture of what's happening here. CNN is not enough."
"[One highlight I experienced on this trip was] seeing the joy in an old woman's eyes when she could read her bible again thanks to [new] reading glasses. Her close up vision, and that of many others, had been affected by the earthquake."
"[I] had my heart broken multiple times as I was involved in working with people experiencing post traumatic stress. Too many times to count, God spoke to me when I was experiencing personal difficulties and [he] reminded me that the most important thing was the message."
"[Three highlights I experienced on this trip were] how amazing our group was, how well we were able to help people, and meeting new people."
"[The experience of this trip has changed me as] I found I was able to be present and open when interacting with patients. The holy spirit gave me empathy and connection that I hadn't experienced before."
"[I was effected deeply] each morning [when] we had devotions and the Haitians working with us would pray, sing and worship God with such faith, love and optimism... would I be the same if I experienced [the earthquake]."
"I was broken by a young boy who admitted being beaten. We had no choice but to allow him to return to his home. I've been praying for him."
"[One highlight I experienced on this trip was] seeing the Haitian believers worship God wholeheartedly after they have lost their homes, and [for] some, their friends and family members."
"[One highlight I experienced on this trip was] hearing the stories of survival and the positive outlook that has shaped the experience of tragedy - particularly from one girl, who was able to see God and find courage in the worst experience of her life (in reference to the earthquake)."
"[I was effected deeply when we went] to the children's church to hand out rice. Many of children were clearly underweight, and the acute nature of their poverty was evidenced by broken shoes, festering rashes, torn clothing, bulging eyes - and the aggression and competition among them - especially among some of the adults who were clearly waiting, in a few cases, to steal rice from some of the more vulnerable children. The desperation and hopelessness there was very dark and it suggested a symptom of Haiti's corruption."
"[Over the next six months] I will be less careless with my spending and with satisfying whimsical desires. When I take time to pray there will be more time devoted to our current global situation. I will be more specific when asking for God's will."