Cranbrook Community - May 2011 | Hungry For Life

May 2011: ,

A team of medical staff traveled to Grand Goave, Haiti alongside HFL Team Leader Jackie Edinborough and doctors Frank Ackerman and Blair Main to work alongside our partners at Haiti ARISE Ministries. The team hosted eight days of medical clinics, in which they saw 885 people, with some patients needing follow up and even surgical care. The team also consisted of nurses and some lay people that helped lend a hand in coordinating the daily tasks of running a large-scale clinic.

Community projects: 
Additional items accomplished: 
  • 885 returning and new patients seen and treated
  • 1 patient discovered to have a congenital heart defect that is treatable in Haiti received 2 ECHO’s and a surgical consult with surgery pending and expected later this summer
  • 1 patient was taken to the Notre Dame Hospital in Petit Goave to be treated for eclamptic seizures 12 days post-delivery; her child was also treated for malnutrition
  • Eight people in the community were discovered to be HIV+ with the testing done at the clinic. Treatment and medication is being pursued for these individuals.
  • 1 patient found to be malnourished was provided with food for 2 weeks.
  • 15 young children found to have complications due to malnourishment were provided with 2 weeks’ worth of formula
  • 600 people were provided with hygiene kits and or clothing
  • 50 children were given a tooth brushing tutorial
  • 1 goat purchased for a widow

Team Testimonials:

This trip has impacted me and, “I listen to opinions of people at home and their view of Haiti and what can be done to help, but I think you need to come to Haiti and listen to the locals to get a better idea of how to help.”
This trip has impacted me and, “helped me feel a personal connection to the suffering of the people in Haiti
One highlight I experienced on this trip was, “working in the clinic room and finding I had skills that I didn’t know I had.”
The experiences of this trip taught me, “that the more you give and share the more you receive back. I feel I have been blessed ten-fold in return.”
The event that deeply affected me was, “seeing the baby that was so dehydrated and ill, it brought tears to my eyes and broke my heart.”
One thing I am going to change in the next six months is, “I just need to take a step back and breathe every now and again and be thankful for what I have, while keeping Haiti in the back of my mind always.”
The event that deeply affected me was, “was when I saw the bare bottom of the little girl, on the pathway, covered in infected sores from a scabies infection. I felt so despondent for all the children living in damp, dirty living situations.”