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Last Few Days in the Clinic

Friday, November 28th, 2014

This post by Kelsey

Today was yet another amazing clinic day with the team, everything went very well as planned except for ALL the crying babies with 3 sets if twins.. (but i'll admit they were cute). I finally got to spend the afternoon in the pharmacy, the only place in the clinic with A/C! After an amazing speghetti lunch a few of us worked up a sweat counting and bagging millions after millions of pills. The day ended early today because we were so speedy, and while walking back i stated kicking around a soccerball while still in my scrubs. After a few minutes of kicking the ball around by myself, one of the older Haitians asked if he could pass with me and 15 minutes later it turned into a full 4v4 soccer game with all the rest of the team watching from the balcony! That was really cool to see all the people randomly joining in and playing untill dusk, even though we lost since the Haitians play everyday! After an ice cold shower all the kids were begging me to watch a movie on my laptop since they never get to watch much TV they were really into it, even though half of them can't understand they still love to watch something, and the others have been picking up English very easily learning many words and phrases. This has been my first trip to Haiti and it has been an incredible experince so far and i will deffintily be coming back in the years to follow! Shoutout to all my family back home in Manitoba reading this and to my parents for helping me come on this trip, love you all! - Kelsey

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