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November 2015: ,

A team of volunteers headed up by Dr. Bob Cutler from Cranbrook, BC travelled to Haiti this fall to continue working with Haiti Arise ministries, where they provided medical care for the community and surrounding communities. The Cranbrook Community group has been working in Grand Goave since 2006 and has helped establish a long-term medical clinic called Zanmity (meaning 'friends helping friends'). This locally staffed facility is open to the public during the week to provide them with medical care, as well as a place for public showers and a clean water source.

Community projects: 
Additional items accomplished: 
  • 1003 patients were seen
  • 53 patients sent for further testing and diagnosis (Xray/Ultrasound/Hematology/Echocardiogram etc).—to be followed up by the Zanmitay Clinic team
  • 50 baby packs distributed—funds for 100 additional left for distribution at the clinic
  • 2 goats purchased for the goat farm
  • Emergency food supplies given to one family
  • 9 patients identified for surgery
  • Portable Ultrasound machine left (and training provided) with the local clinic doctor

Team Testimonials:

“I believe the choices [we] will continue to make will now be different becuase we have become different people.”
“I have a greater appreciation of what I have back home. I also have a bigger desire to do more to help the world.”
“I have been impacted by the depth of poverty, chaos and despair in this country. You hear about it but have no real frame of reference.”
“I have a new-found passion in the people of Haiti and just, in general, helping people.”
“This trip has opened my eyes. It has taught me not to take things for granted, and it’s given me hope for a better future for the people in need.”
“[This trip has impacted me] to have gratitude for what I have in life. For the structure [and] process... in Canada to be able to live the kind of life and have the kind of opportunities we have.”
“[In the next six months I will be] involved more in local issues and help more at home.”

Team Blog:

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

Vision, Tenacity and Reward

My first trip to Haiti Arise Ministries was in 2006.

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Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

Flight info

The team will be travelling back to Canada on Wednesday via American Airlines, with the following flight details:

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Monday, November 30th, 2015

When it pours!

We started our last clinic day by surprising the Haitian clinic staff by singing at our morning prayer circle. It was such a hit, they asked for an encore. However we are looking forward to hearing the Haitians sing tomorrow. Our clinic day started as always, busy busy busy.

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Sunday, November 29th, 2015

Music, Goats and Lobster

It is our second Sunday in Haiti so the 7am church call was not a shock to our system.  We were serenaded for the next hour by the wonderful voices of the Haitian people.

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Saturday, November 28th, 2015

Walking Through the Footsteps of Another

This is my second trip down and the culture and people never fail to amaze me. The Haitians are devoted to their beliefs and way of life. For the first time I got to go on home visits with other team members, a translator, and a Haitian nurse last Saturday.

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Friday, November 27th, 2015

"I wanna know...have you ever seen the rain?"


Every day of the trip has been beautiful weather with blue skies for miles.  Today the Carribean rain came down hard! It was incredible!  

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Thursday, November 26th, 2015

Opportunities and Perspectives

Today the team got a well-deserved break. Instead of our usual busy, stressful clinic days we spent a relaxing day in the city of Jacmel. The drive consisted of a windy road through the beautiful Haitian mountains.

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