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Beauty Sleep

Thursday, October 4th, 2018

This post by Brent White (Hungry For Life)

Today has been a full day for the EVE team. 

It saw the completion of the Community Leaders session here in Mpigi and a visit SINA Village for an evening of exploration and a delicious meal.

Due to the fullness of today, the ladies have opted to catch up on their beauty sleep and to wait until the morning (our morning) to blog. 

They want to keep you on your toes, 

Please stay tuned for a combined post from Debbie D and Barbara.

Thank you for diligently keeping up with their experience here in Uganda. The team loves hearing your comments every morning at breakfast, (truth be told it invokes happy tears daily). P.S. They’re probably going to snack me for this in the morning.

Please  also check Instagram for some unique perspectives of today’s events [Follow]

Until the morning

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