Fraser Valley Group - July 2011 | Hungry For Life

July 2011: ,

A group of individuals from the Lower Mainland traveled to the Ukraine in late-July to August. This team called the Fraser Valley Group, was comprised of people from Chilliwack Alliance, Greendale Mennonite, Eden Mennonite, Northview Community and the Simple Churches. The team of nine was led by group leader Sig Toews and HFL team leaders Chad Martz and Heidi Blundell. The plan for this team was to continue where the 2010 team left off and work on the current ministry activities. They conducted home visits to further develop relationships from previous years and also develop new ones. The team also held banquets in the villages that they visited; here they also distributed food and hygiene hampers. The rehabilitation center was one of the projects last year's team had the opportunity to begin working on from the foundational stage. The building's exterior had since then been completed, so this team got to work on the construction of the interior, which will increase the current number of rehabilitants from seven to sixteen.

Additional items accomplished: 
  • 363 sets of food & Hygiene hampers delivered
  • 39 home visits
  • Held 8 banquets that fed 270 people
  • 116 Kids (crafts/stories/gifts)
  • Crafts and games with 47 orphans
  • Worked on rehabilitation building
  • Team packed and distributed 950lbs of clothing

Team Testimonials:

One highlight I experienced on this trip was, "the happiness that the balloons brought into the people's lives, young and old alike."
One highlight I experienced on this trip was, "the warmth and spirit of the locals who praise the Lord even in their difficult circumstances."
This trip has impacted me and, "I am more informed about the need in the Ukraine."
This trip has impacted me and, "I have grown spiritually and been so blessed."
The experiences of this trip taught me, "that you don't have to be a professional (doctor, dentist, etc.) or trades person (carpenter, plumber) to have an impact on overseas missions."
"After seeing the incredible faith of so many with so little, I am challenged to continue to get to know our God better and will be more thankful for all I have."
The event that deeply affected me was, "carrying a gentleman (Nickolay) down 4 stories to the van and seeing his face and tears of frustration that he was expressing."
The event that deeply affected me was, "how some God fearing widows gave thanks to God for his faithfulness even though their past was difficult."
One thing I am going to change in the next six months is to, "pray for the children who asked me to."
One thing I am going to change in the next six months is, "I hope to listen with my heart."