Greendale Mennonite and Simple Churches - September 2010 | Hungry For Life

September 2010: ,

A team consisting of individuals from Simple Churches and First Greendale Mennonite Church traveled to Ukraine to construct a rehabilitation home with 6 bedroom, 2 bathrooms, 1 kitchen, and 1 common area for men who struggle with alcohol and drug addictions. The team also provided much needed compassion and care to orphans and widows though visitations and banquets, where they had the opportunity to provide a month's supply of food to widows. Additional funds were raised to repair the Priazovje Orphanage roof, which has begun to leak from the heavy rains.

Additional items accomplished: 
  • Provided food & hygiene hampers for 300 people consisting of widows, poor families, and handicapped (provides food for 300 people for 1 month)
  • Conducted 16 home visits
  • Did crafts and games with 37 orphans
  • Completed foundation and first level walls of rehabilitation center
  • Provided 6 months of support for Pasha & sisters
  • Provided funds for widow extended care project (caring for 35 bedridden widows)
  • Held 4 banquets for 350 people (Provides food for 12 people for 1 month)

Team Testimonials:

"[One highlight was] teaming up with Mary to walk a drunk home, with his hampers, and then ministering to his wife and son."
"[This trip has impacted me] possibly to be ready more quickly to see opportunities for sharing my faith."
"[I'm] more convinced that prayer, agreeing with God, is critical and that it works."
"[My heart was broken by] the women with her children, ashamed to receive her drunk husband back."
"[I will] pray more diligently!"
"[One highlight was] seeing Ira and Alexander at the handicap banquet. They hadn't been out of the house for over a year. They came to see us. They invited us to come to their house for a visit. They call us family and are so happy to see us."
"[This trip] made me want to draw closer to him and reassured me that we made an impact last year."
"I've been encouraged by the spiritual maturity of the team. I feel a call to be here longer."
"[What affected me deeply was when I] met with Tamara and learnt about her prison ministry. I'm blessed to be able to make cards to help her to bless the prisoners."
"[I will] read my bible more. Try to learn Russian."
"[One highlight was] making connections with Mary's brothers."
"[I was impacted on this trip by] seeing the need here and being so impacted by it. I might do a longer term."
"[What affected me deeply was] the paraplegic man being baptized."
"[In the next six months I will] take a shot at leadership."
"[One highlight was] hearing the mayor of a town, a former devote communist, ask how he should deal with an issue. He wanted biblical advice not working experience, since at 85 he was a new Christian of three years."
"I watched my wife fall deeper in love with the people and (John & Nadia)."
"[I am] more committed to serve Christ."
"[I will] praise God more and thank Him for this kindness."
"[A highlight was] meeting people and sharing their experiences, namely Antonio and Heedmilla."
"I have been challenged by the spiritual faith that many of the people have."
"[What broke my heart was] how some poor people live outside of Christ (ex. Vera)."
"[Highlights were] meeting Parka and sisters again and seeing improvements in his attitude and physical condition and seeing/feeling the joy of the Lord in Nina's home."
"[This trip] has only increased my enthusiasm for this Country and its people."
"Material things matter less and less."
"It broke my heart that Andrew, paraplegic, is confined to his apartment with few friends and virtually no stimulation in his very bleak life/existence. How sad - but I will pray."
"[I will] be more aware of the needs in my own community and reach out when God prompts me."
"[A highlight was] meeting the babushkas and seeing their home."
"[I will] give more to missions projects."
"[I have been changed by] seeing that people can have true happiness despite their poverty."
"[I will]pray for peoples salvation."