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Thoughts after our Cement Pour (our last job)!

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

This post by Steve Beasley, Randy Roesler

Steve Beasley:  Gator Aid  today was a blast. We spent the day pouring a brand new Driveway that leads in to the orphanage. We were up at 5:45 for a 6:00am start. We poured all day non-stop mostly until about 2:30pm. It was grueling and the weather was hot!!!! Mike, Jason, and Thomas and I spent most of our day driving the John Deer gator hauling cement sand and gravol loads keeping the concrete mixing and pouring crew suppliedwith material all day. It was literally non stop and loading and unloading from 6:ooam to 2:30pm.  Gator Aid.  I had an interesting expierence starting a Power trowel with Randy - Yes we are still alive. Wow who knew the blades would start spinning and then the whole machine would begin to spin and we could not figure out how to shut it down. Thank God the Haitian worker walked in, and as the machine had taken on a life of its own traveling in circles. Luckily the Hatian worker shut it down.  The real "kicker" is once we got it to the pad we were pouring and it started to tear up the concrete (turns out the paddles underneath were delaminating). So we did a Haitian-style finish by hand.  Just another day in Haiti.  I once thought I wanted a Gator for my own acerage but now NOT so much.  I am grateful for all God has done. Jesus and 12 men once changed the world. I cannot help but think if all 18 of us and our families committ to this orphange and all it will become what could God Do???? Jesus Loves us so much and I now know and believe it more than ever and that love inspires me to be a better man.  I love you Tyler Micah and Marilyn will be home soon we are on the home stretch.  Steve B

Randy Roesler:  It was a great last day of work at the new Haiti Children's Home site today.  I was reflecting on how everyone on our team has really been a key factor in various jobs getting done here.  Harry Werenka, Todd Carriere and David Birkholz took the plunge in fixing various issues at the existing (old) orphanage site - working out various electrical problems, while at the same time Chris Buchsdrucker put some great skills to use building some shelving there as well.  These shelves were stocked with medical and baby supplies that  Steve Beasley and Thomas Schadek organized and labeled (including expiry dates).  Jason Peters got involved in fixing some electrical and mechanical issues with a few generators and other power equipment.  Craig Taylor and Shane Trusz worked hard capturing pictures and video when they were not pitching in with other jobs.  Martin Kaefer built up a real rapport with one of the workers on the job site, and the two worked on many projects together.  Dave Van Roon and Derek Duguid were invaluable when it came to finishing the concrete pour on the driveway, as they have experience!  Mike Gillespie, Bert Ponte, Ryan Axling and Andrew Lee really dug in and worked hard in so many aspects of the jobs we did.  We worked really hard when we worked (especially in the sun and the heat) ... and when we had fun interacting with each other and with our Haitian brothers and sisters, we really got into it.  I'm amazed at how cohesive and fun our team has been as we did life together for a while.  New friendships were formed and existing ones strengthened.  We are all really starting to miss our families and friends at home though ... and our hearts will be turning more towards home starting tomorrow morning as we do some travelling to experience a bit more of the island here and then prepare for our departure.  The trip will truly be remembered as a real adventure on many levels - thanks guys, for coming.  And thanks families and friends for letting us go.  God bless - Randy

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