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We're in a Downpour!

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

This post by Randy & Chris & Todd

We're in a downpour ... of cement I mean!  A subgroup of us started our morning early today.  We're pouring a cement pad from the roadway, into the entry of the driveway to the new orphanage.  Everyone is looking to be healthy and in good spirits.  It has truly been an adventure here for all of us, and we're getting used to getting up earlier and earlier.  We're afraid we'll be waking up at 3 am mountain time after we get home!  Sandra, Ethan and Claudia - I miss you guys and look forward to coming home to be with you again.  Glad to hear you've been getting some help with the snow.  Love you, Randy.


Wahoo, good to be alive and plugging away before the heat of the day.  It's going to be a long day, curious how far we're going to get.  Pretty cool experience this morning, as I walked back to the driveway, the dude who sits at the gate opening and closing it for people to pass passed me a pair of gloves .. not understanding the language .. I think he was offering his gloves for someone to use where we are working.  These are the gloves that he just got at the BBQ and he's paying it forward!

Heidi, Isabel, Hailey and Niklas .. miss you guys a whole bunch look forward to waking up on Saturday and just playing and hanging out with you guys, okay maybe the kids, Heidi .. you get to sleep in again!!

Love Chris

Having a quick bite and then back to working pouring concrete. Just want to say i miss you Carrie, Gabe and Ben cannot wait to see you on Friday!

Love Daddy!! (Todd)


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