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Antigua Saturday

Saturday, January 31st, 2015

This post by Alisa

Hola to our friends in Canada!!!!!!!!!!!
Today is Saturday, which means there was no work for us - No 38 degree weather to sweat in. After yet another delicious breakfast preprared by our wonderful cooks Maria-Jose and Mirna, we loaded up and headed to Antigua for a day of shopping at the market. I have to say, I really love going to the market. None of us have ever had so many friends who have been waiting for us as this morning!!!!!!!! The Guatemalans who try to sell you stuff always say you are their amigo and that they have been waiting just for you. Not only that, it gets better - they have a special deal only for us. Not for anyone else - only us. Pretty cool, right? 
For lunch we ate at SabeRico, a restaurant that has a very tasty, healthy fare. From lamb burgers to pizza with goat cheese,we ate a variety. We all enjoyed it, including Noah - even though halfway through his burger, he came across a bug. He found it crawling through his avacado. To finish it off, some of us had pistachio ice cream - a Guatemalan specialty.
The real highlight of the day, though, is when we stopped at the laundromat on the way back. That is where Papa picked up his workshirt - his CLEAN workshirt. Tonight, we will all sleep easy knowing that on Monday, we will be able to work alongside Kelvin peacefully. Unfortunatly for us, he is planning on wearing it all next week. 
On a more lighter side, last night we opened all the encouragement cards (except for those marked 2). We all were very encouraged, and very touched that you all took the time to write us notes. We appreciate it more than you will know - so thank you very much. They are one of the best parts of the trip. Much thanks and blessings on all of you. (:
The rest of the night will be spent eating dinner, relaxing, journaling, and hopefully showering. 
We thank you for all your prayers, and are missing our Canadian families. Less than a week,
and we will be back in good ol' Cold Can. 


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