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January 2015: ,

A team of 6 people from Hinton Alliance Church, alongside HFL leader Kelvin Presakarchuk, worked alongside the local church and community. The team was involved in school construction as well as provided new homes and stoves for 2 families in the community. This was be Hinton's third trip, enabling them to further build on their relationships within the community.

Additional items accomplished: 
  • Tore down two old houses in Zapote and built two new homes to replace them.
  • Built a playground at the church in San Lucas.
  • Removed several hundred wheelbarrows of dirt from the church building site in Membrillal and moved it 100 m away. This was to level the ground for the concrete slab that will be the church floor.
  • Purchased piñatas for the kids at the school in Membrillal and participated in their piñata fest.
  • Our church is sponsoring 20 kids this year at the school in Membrillal through HFL. We also have at least three people who are sponsoring kids in Membrillal through His Hands Guatemala based out of the USA.


Team Testimonials:

“It energizes me to continue to advocate for the poor and the difference that can be made in a child’s life if we let ourselves be used by God.”
“I feel like I have to tell more people about the things I experienced so that their hearts will be broken and God will spur them to do something too.”
“[Because of this trip I now want] to honour God in everything I do — word, deed and thought. I want to please Him.”
“[This trip] has made me humble and wanting to do more of these projects.”
“[In the next 6 months] I will not worry about my back account and just be grateful that I even have one.”
“[This trip] was a great reminder of just how blessed we all are in Canada and thankful that we are able to be Christ’s hands and feet to those who have not.”
“[In the next 6 months] I will talk to people more about what we can do for people who have not, and why Christ compels me to do and go.”
“[This trip] has shown me that often, what we “need” is actually what we want.”

Team Blog:

Thursday, January 29th, 2015

Runaway Bull

We went to Membrillal today. It was great to see the people there again as well as to see the 

progress on the school & church. They have added another class so now they have grades one to 

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Thursday, January 29th, 2015

Goodbye Zapote

Hi friends and family, from a very tired but richly blessed team.  We started at a mere 10 degrees C, then worked our way up to 38 degrees C! Our third day of work in Zapote started off earlier than usual. With breakfast, devotions, and packing trucks over, we were on the road before 7am.

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Tuesday, January 27th, 2015

It's heating up

Good evening Canada....what a day we had. It was another day for us in Zapote.  We split into two groups.  Noah, Doug, Judy, Brenda, Pastor Tono, and Tono's brother Eliud went to finish the house we started yesterday.

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Monday, January 26th, 2015

A great day in Zapote

Today was a day Mama Pressy would have loved - full of cockroaches the size of a water bottle,
spiders dwarfing the cockroaches, and mice scurrying all around, and even some side-walking
spider crabs, and Alisa giving a yelp as one crossed her path.

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Sunday, January 25th, 2015

Rest Day

Today was a very productive day for all of us here in Guat.The early birds were up 6:15, 
to meet the sunshine. As they say, the second mouse gets the cheese, so some of us waited
for the cheese. We had a very shocking event that will stun Canada, when Alisa joined the early

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Saturday, January 24th, 2015

Day One from Guatemala

Hello  Canada!We have arrived in Guatemala!.....and can you believe it's cold here!  All of us except Noah,!?!?! have layers of clothes on!.....actually he does have pants on,not shorts. For those who have made this trip before, we are using 3 blankets at night to keep warm!

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Monday, January 19th, 2015

Guatemala Here We Come!!!!!

Six more days, and we will be on the plane, flying to see all of our friends that we have
missed so much in the past year. Excitement is growing as we pack and finish planning!
This year the team going down is quite a bit smaller than the team that went in 2013.

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