Promontory Community Church - June 2010 | Hungry For Life

June 2010: ,

A team of 7 traveled to Mukono, Uganda alongside Team Leader Gerry Stinson and church leader Shawn Van Dop to work alongside our partners at Noah's Ark Children's Ministry. Promontory has partnered to help build a secondary vocational school that will empower high school students with relevant job and life skills. The team went to work on the school building projects, alongside assisting in the children's home, school and visiting the local community.

Additional items accomplished: 
  • 6 Art Classes taught by one of the team members
  • 20+ Babies were cared for in 6 shifts of infant feeding
  • 14 Milking shifts were monitored over a 1 week period; with animal care plan developed
  • 1 Milking machine setup and training given to local staff
  • 1 Milking chute designed and built (for use with milking machine)
  • 10 toddler beds were painted for children in children's home

Team Testimonials:

"This trip has opened my eyes to the situation of the people of Uganda and now I am going to change the way I do things."
"A new lesson that I have learned is to use what God has given me and not let myself get angry at how little it may be."
[One highlight was] "to visit an 80 year old grandmother living in a 10x20shack, blind in one eye, one [damaged] foot, dressed in an old worn out dress looking after five grandchildren, and yet she is happy and even walked [with] us on our way home until we told her to go back."
[This trip] "brought mission work to life, instead of hearing about it and seeing pictures, this was the real thing!"
[I have learned] "not to complain but to be thankful"
[I have learned] "it is not ‘stuff' that makes us happy but happiness is in being content with what we have."
"I have been comparing the way our two cultures live. These people are so content with so little and adjust to their situations without complaint. I feel humbled by this, as so often when things get harder for us, we are so quick to gripe."
"I have new appreciation for what God has given me in my life. I want to be the best mother, wife, sister, friend, daughter, and child of God that I can be."
"I will try to be more patient in my daily dealings."
"I am going to try to not let the little upsets in my life control the way I behave."
[This trip has impacted me to] "open my mind to needy people and my heart to Jesus."
"I feel a little guilty for having so much, but also [I am] thanking God for everything he has given me."
[A lesson I have learned is] "to be thankful and praise God all the time for [my] life and let him guide me wherever he chooses."
[My highlight was] "meeting the teachers and working with them to encourage art in the classrooms and working with the children."
"This trip made me realize the love of God is for all people regardless of economic status. ‘Yet true godliness with contentment is itself great wealth.' 1 Timothy 6:6"
"This trip gave me more humility and patience"
[In the next six months I would like to try to] "accept those areas in my life that God is teaching me through my weaknesses."