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March 2017: ,

In March, a team of 13 traveled to Haiti to work alongside Lemuel Ministries in Anse Rouge. The team, comprised of secondary students, worked with the locals to help repair damaged homes from the hurricane, assisted with the construction of a new home, assisted in an agricultural project, provided food gift baskets during home visits of widows and elderly in the community, and taught English and computer classes.

Team Testimonials:

"I realized that we cannot help everyone, but those that we do help, we change their lives significantly."
"One highlight was interacting with the students and teachers in the school. Their thirst for knowledge is truly remarkable."
"I feel this trip has given me a different perspective on life — not everyone gets the privilege of having clean water, plenty of food or even education."
"I need to be more loving — less judging."
"I really enjoyed teaching classes on laptops to sixth-graders. Smiles came to their faces every time they learned something new."

Team Blog:

Friday, March 10th, 2017

A day of contrasts

A huge thud and my foot is stuck under something: a water barrel. A louder scream because the bump was just a little too big for Dorina and Coba’s liking. The dirt in my mouth is making my teeth gritty. The smells are too many to express. 

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Wednesday, March 8th, 2017

On our way!

Arrived safely at the Seattle airport this evening and waiting to board our flight to New York!

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