Mountain View Alliance Church - August 2011 | Hungry For Life

August 2011: ,

A team from Mountain Veiw Alliance in Kitimat, led by Rick Reinert, travelled to Babicora, Mexico in August 2011. Babicori is a Pima village located at the summit of the copper canyon and is a 16 hour drive southwest from Juarez, Mexico. The team worked with Pastor Tomas from Tarahumara Ministries on a Pastor's house renovations, completed the church floor and did some wiring in the church. The completion of the Pastoral housing renovation will make it possible for a pastor to move into Babicora and be involved in full-time ministry there. The completion of the church building will allow for the Gospel to be delivered on a weekly basis to the Pimas who live in Babicora, and to the many who may come in from villages in the canyon. The building may also be used for community meetings and as a base for feeding programs or other ministries that teams may do.

Community projects: 
Additional items accomplished: 
  • Wiring in Church
  • Painting pastor's house & church
  • First service in the completed church

Team Testimonials:

“Matt 9:37 says the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. To see the church full and the people hungry for God it just hit me how true that verse is and it really impacted me.”
“I now have a greater appreciation for the importance of relationships in my life and in the life of the Church.”
“Seeing God’s grace to His children & my small acts of faith being blessed by Him has given me a strength like a mustard seed.”
“I am going to listen for what God wants me to do, not run around trying to do everything for Him.”