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March 2018: ,

Newton Fellowship recently travelled to the Philippines to continue their support and assistance with the Strong Roots Ministry. Newton has been instrumental in helping the ministry establish themselves in the community of Yapak on island of Borocay. The team assisted in the construction of the Community Centre and working with the local youth through sport and friendship. 

Team Testimonials:

"I think that, once again, I have a better perspective on how God has an overall/sovereign plan and that we are merely His servants/hands/feet to show and spread His love."
"This trip has been a reminder to me of what is really important in life—love God, love people. I need to simplify my life style. I allow many unimportant things to take priority."
"One highlight was connecting with kids who we were first introduced to 6 years ago and witnessing the growth, maturity and confidence that they now have."
"It was hard to see how everyone lived, but that lessened each day by the seeing the people's spirit."
"It broke my heart to see how a single mom with four kids didn't want to leave their falling down home for the new house we built them as it's all she knows and all she had (even with all the bugs/garbage etc."
I have made new relationships that will have a lasting change in my life. Being able to promote and share my experience will be the best part."
"One highlight was the great hospitality and the willingness of the Filipinos to make our visit a happy time."

Team Blog:

Wednesday, March 14th, 2018

Leaving for the Philippines!

Today a team of 9 including HFL leader Jason Krul hope to travel to the Philippines to work alongside our partner - Strong Roots Ministries in the community of Yapak.  Check here for our daily blog and photos throughout the trip!

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