Risen Life Church - June 2013 | Hungry For Life

June 2013: ,

Risen Life's second trip to Guatemala saw them further engaging in the relationships made on the first trip. They spent most of their time working on construction of the school they've helped raise funds for.

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Additional items accomplished: 
  • Long-term care for 1 widow
  • 1 building project complete
  • 4 building renovations or in-process projects

Team Testimonials:

"Isaiah 40:1 'Comfort,comfort my people, says God.' That’s the verse I had to keep reciting while in Zapote. I wanted to fix things because I’m a fixer, but that’s not why God had me here. He had me here to love on and show comfort to the people—the kids—through smiles and holding hands and using what little language of theirs that I know."
"This trip has shown me the poverty of the world, but that true joy is also possible."
"I have experienced a significant shift in my understanding of what is important to God."
"I have never felt so at home anywhere in my life."
"Seeing the conditions the children of Zapote live in everyday, God showed me that even in the worst of circumstances he can fill his children's hearts with hope."