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July 2013: ,

A team of 7 people from Rosedale Church of God, led by Pastor Nathan Hewitt, traveled with HFL staff Rianne Hoedeman to work alongside our partners Shawn and Natalie Sagert in the community of Chacalte, Guatemala. The team worked on completing a church that had been started by the local congregation. The team was also involved in many different community and ministry activities with the children and people of Chacalte as they showed the love of Jesus through acts of love and compassion.

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Community projects: 
Additional items accomplished: 
  • 100+ kids attended VBS/sports days in the communities of Chacalté, Santa Rosa and Chicholom
  • 40 youth attended Youth Church Service
  • 15 students attended English class
  • 800lbs of cement transported to Chacalté and carried to the project site
  • 320lbs of lime transported to Chacalté and carried to the project site
  • 12 lengths of re-bar transported to Chacalté and carried to the project site
  • Loads of dirt removed from incline beside to inside the church to level the floor and build a stage
  • Temporary stage built with wood planks
  • Church walls prepped for plaster
  • Plaster completed on the outside front wall of the church and all four walls inside
  • Team did an over-night in the village of Chacalté
  • 3 hour hike in Rio Negro to massacre site

Team Testimonials:

“Hearing the story of a survivor of the Rio Negro massacre was a powerful experience. It was amazing to hear him recount his experiences along the hike to the massacre site.”
“[This trip has impacted me and] let me see that there are many people in Guatemala with such a different lifestyle; and yet we really are all the same – created by God to be loved by Him and to love Him.”
“I was impacted by the kids during our trip. They just accept you and form bonds despite the language barrier. Before we got here I didn’t really want to do kid stuff, just construction, and yet I loved the time with them.”
“I am more humble now about life, I see the world differently.”
“I think seeing how much joy the Guatemalan people have even though they own very little, yet how our society complains about not having the newest cell phone. I think I am learning to be thankful, among other things, from this trip.”
“[The event that deeply affected me was] seeing the smiles on the kid’s faces as we spent time with them. I realized that caring for orphans and widows and spending yourself on behalf of the poor is what God wants.”
“It broke my heart seeing how few resources are available to people with disabilities and how poorly they are treated.”
“[One thing I am going to change in the next six months is] I’m going to spend more time in God’s word and with His people, seeking His will for my life, to hopefully show people by example that God is at work in me.”