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Last day at UCI...

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

This post by Isobelle

Today, was an incredible day at the dental clinic! We have being working without too many incidents after a rough start, but today was a good test of faith. We arrived at the clinic, generator is running smoothly and we push the ON button on the unit, nothing. Checked the plug, turn unit OFF, then ON again, nothing. So I closed my eyes and started a short prayer asking God for help. Opened my eyes, push the ON button and it started!!! Later in the day... We were working on the last patient off this mission. I cleaned her cavity and we were ready to place her filling in the tooth. I hear the generator going Put-putt-stop-putt... We still had to mix the filling material in the triturator another 10 seconds before we could loose the power. So I look up and shout, God give us 10 seconds. Laura moves really quick and started the machine. The generator continued on for another 10 seconds and died. We were able to complete her work. We used every resource God gave us to the last drop. We are leaving tomorrow, returning to Port au Prince before flying home on Friday. Tonight is packing night and I had a small surprise in my suitcase. As I pulled clothes out of there, a very large tarantula touched my finger... We were all screaming until Gerry came to rescued me and dispose of the intruder. Can't wait to be home, love to everyone.

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