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From the "kids"...

Sunday, March 18th, 2018

This post by The "Kids"

Today we started with church in the morning. It was long but the worship was amazing they were very passionate in their singing. Later in the day we went to see another youth group. We did the drime and played games with them. All together the first day went really well. We are both doing well and are staying hydrated and healthy. Maddy hasn't seen any spiders and is good. To our parents and siblings we love you guys.Hope you guys are doing well. We'll talk later.

Maddy and Julia

Hello, this is Taylor.  Life is entirely different, it is a major culture shock from back home.  The people of Haiti are so passionate in everything they do.  It is inspiring.  Myself and the team are doing well...our health is still top notch.

Hi to family, friends and others, it's Carmen. Today I learned patience in my comfort in the sun and the Haitian drivers. On the way here we got on cramped 15-seater "bus", it was a very tiring, bumpy and eye-opening drive. Our Hatian driver had a different thought of driving compared to Canadians in a sense that we maybe shouldn't pass the person infront of us with oncoming traffic. The drive here had opened my eyes with the amount of poverty that is extremely visible. My sympathy has been at an all time high.

Greetings to my family and all those reading! This is Greg. After a long trip over here, we have finally reached our second night to catch up on sleep. It was roughly 20 hours of travel but I only slept a little over 2 hours during the flights and van ride to UCI. Unfortunately, I ended up sleeping during church... while Rod was preaching. It's okay though I heard the end of it. Since arriving we have learned to "Mwen Ray Lay" which means "My Name Is". I practiced my Creole with some Haitians. I tried using my French and although some words sound the same, using it is very inneffective. I'm looking forward to the upcomming days.

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