Shadow Mountain Church - November 2012 | Hungry For Life

November 2012: ,

A team of 10 from Shadow Mountain Church in Utah travelled to Northern Haiti to the small village of Danda to work with the children in the community, do pastoral training, and start relationships for future work between their church and the community of Danda.

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Community projects: 
Additional items accomplished: 
  • 3 days of VBS training for approximately 140 children.
  • 2 full days of pastoral/leadership training with 27 pastors from Danda and the surrounding communities
  • Gave school supplies (notebooks, markers, pencils, crayons, scissors) as well as  games and soccer balls to the primary and secondary schools.
  • Donated funds to help restock the medicine in the Clinic
  • Gift bags given to 8 guest house workers
  • Handed out toothbrushes and toothpaste to Children in the community.
  • Gave 30 gift bags to the church committee of Danda Baptist to distribute to those in the community with the most need.
  • Provided funds ahead of time to complete the guest house allowing more teams to be able to stay and work in Danda

Team Testimonials:

“I am going to be more aware to spread the news and the need to open my eyes to the world. I don’t want to waste my life on meaningless stuff anymore.”
“My eyes have opened to people with major problems in life and yet they still seem to worship God with thanksgiving. May my faith resemble that in life.”
“I loved interacting with the Haitian Christians. Worshiping together was powerful!"
“We have bonded with these people and in our own team, only the way Christ can do. It is amazing to know that we all worship the same God, even though we are in different parts of the world, with different languages. Only Christ can truly connect us all and in that, there is no language barrier that can come between us. I know God has many more mission trips planned for us and to continue to be the hands and feet of Jesus. What an exciting time for Shadow Mountain Church and our missions team!"
“We were welcomed and loved by the people of Haiti and well taken care of. It was hard to accept their graciousness when you compared it what little they have.”
“I pray with a faith that the Haitian people may not ever identify with. My faith says ‘yes’, believing that God can bring change to any culture or circumstance. GOD can breathe LIFE. It’s not a faith that I somehow muster up, as much as one that my world has nurtured and that my experiences with God have cultivated. It is a faith and a hope that Haiti is desperate for much like the type of faith that I see the Haitian believers display that I am in such need of - the faith to trust even when nothing seems to change.”
“These people are living in poverty but are some of the most blessed people I know of. They have less of the world to contend with and are so richly blessed in their limitless love for God. It’s humbling because our guest home is the most beautifully painted home in the entire village. We have plumbing and electricity which is more than what about 99 percent of the people here have. Jesus’ words took on a whole new meaning: 'whoever humbles himself like this little child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.”