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Headed Home

Saturday, December 5th, 2015

This post by Troy

We’re Coming Home!

After 10 days in Haiti we will board an airplane tomorrow morning to return to Utah. 

There are certainly some mixed emotions.  We all seem ready to return to our families but we already miss our new friends and ministry partners.  It has been a privilege to stand side by side with them and offer assistance in ministry as we witnessed the work God is doing.

I hope we remember that God IS working in Haiti and He will continue that work.  God IS also working in Utah and around the world and He WILL continue that work as well.  I hope we are just as eager to be a part of His work wherever we go and wherever our future leads.  You don’t have to be in Haiti to be a part of God’s Kingdom work.

Thank you all for your support and prayers.  Feel free to ask us about our trip, we’d love to share. 

Before I go, here are a few more details:

-This morning we flew from Pignon, Haiti to Port au Prince with Missionary Aviation Fellowship.  We loaded ourselves and luggage on a 10 seat single engine plane and flew back to the capitol city. It saved us over three hours of travel and we got to see the land from a bird’s eye view. 

-We spent some R&R time decompressing at a Haitian beach (Wahoo Bay).  It was a chance to enjoy a beautiful piece of God’s creation and enjoy the warm waters of the Caribbean.

-Tonight we are back at Heartline Guest house.  It is amazing the difference of perspective in just over a week.  Some of our ladies were commenting how when we arrived the first night they noticed that lack of amenities that they were accustomed to.  Now returning form the back country it seems palatial in comparison.  Experience can sure change the way you view the world.

-Please be patient with us if we drone on endlessly about Haiti or need a little time adjusting as we return from our trip.  We have all been challenged by our experiences in different ways.  We have seen people with limited resources serving God faithfully with great boldness.  God has shown us the power of the Gospel.  Back home, it might take a little bit to figure out how to transfer the lessons we’ve learned into meaningful action.  And if we keep talking about Haiti, it isn’t so much about the place it is that we don’t want to forget the wonderful people we’ve met here and the impact that they’ve had on our lives. 

See you all soon!

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