South Mountain Youth - July 2011 | Hungry For Life

July 2011: ,

South Mountain Community Church sent a youth ministry team to the communities of Membrillal and Zapote to build high-efficiency stoves for under-resourced families and perform VBS programming in some church schools. The 29 students and adult leaders from SMCC, led by Nick Peck as the church leader and two HFL team leaders, spent 9 days in these two communities building relationships within the community.

Community projects: 
Additional items accomplished: 
  • Built 14 high-efficiency stoves
  • Did a VBS program for students in two schools

Team Testimonials:

"We have a lot more to learn from these people than they do from us"
"It shocked me to see how well adjusted they were."
"I've been looking through the world through one glass when I could have been looking at it through another"
"One thing God has shown me through this trip is how much love can be shown through one person or one group...towards someone else."
"I will think of others more often instead of myself."
"I'm so thrilled for these youth that they could see this at such a young age, and here I am 50 years old experiencing this for the first time...."