South Mountain Community Church - March 2013 | Hungry For Life

March 2013: ,

A group of 18 (including two families of five each) ministered to Haitian students through Biblical storytelling, worldview education and work on the grounds of two orphan homes.

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Additional items accomplished: 
  • Installed a security wall and gate around the orphanage in Terrier Rouge
  • Completed 3 VBS’s in Terrier Rouge, Pheaton and Ouvre
  • Gave away Easter dresses to the orphans and gave them an Easter dinner

Team Testimonials:

"My heart is broken for these people. I’m grateful and ashamed of all we have and take for granted. The Haitian attitude is so humble even though they live as they do."
"[One experience that impacted me was] Yolanda being so sick at the beginning of the week. We fed her and she tried hiding the food. But at the end of the week, when we took things to her home, it was great to see her doing better and opening her eyes. She will be okay."
"[One highlight was] weeing the orphans eating full meals. Sitting at their own table, they were family, and they ate and ate. It was hard saying goodbye; [there was] lots of crying."
"Being here my second time has impacted me more and it reminds me to change my heart. I got to see Michelle and was able to give him all the things I brought for him."
"[This trip has impacted me and made] me want to do more sharing God's love and whatever gifts he has given me."
"[One highlight I experienced on this trip was] When the girls in the house washed our feet after a muddy walk. It was like a beautiful gift and was so humbling."
"I am changed by seeing how these people live with so much less, but are still willing to give. The smiles on their faces are beautiful."
"[This trip] has changed my heart forever and the kids will stay in my heart all my life." (Girl age 9)