Southside Church - February 2012 | Hungry For Life

February 2012: ,

A team of 8 from Southside Church traveled alongside HFL leader Steve Johnson and Pastor Mike Davies to Mirebalais, Haiti. The team was engaged in sponsorship administration for a school that they are partnered with, which included photographing students and collecting communication materials for donors. The team was also daily involved with school construction, working alongside Haitian workers to complete the footings for 10 classrooms of a school. The team also participated in various evangelistic activities alongside our partner Pastor Vogly and his Church congregation.

Read the team blog.

Additional items accomplished: 
  • 225 kids received bag packs complete with hygiene and school items
  • 150 received a meal as a part of a church celebration
  • Foundations and footings completed on a 10 room school
  • 70 children interviewed as a part of sponsorship communication
  • 10 orphans were blessed with a field trip
  • 3 families visited and children were interviewed about attending school
  • 10 families blessed with a meal for 7 days
  • 30 workers blessed with a beverage
  • 35 orphan children played with and cared for

Team Testimonials:

“[The aspect of the trip that deeply affected me was] even though each day is a struggle for the people we met, they find so much joy in their relationships with others and it makes me think how much we take what we have for granted.”
“[One thing I am going to change in the next six months is] I am going to talk less and ask more questions. In relationships, I usually experience superficial conversations but now I am encouraged to go deeper in my relationships.”
“[One thing I am going to change in the next six months is] work harder at my goals and volunteer more.”
“[The experiences of this trip] has opened my eyes and made me realize there is so much more to each person I see every day as I go about my life, and that it is important to be conscious not to judge or assume things about people just from surface appearances.”
“[The experiences of this trip have] made me understand the extent to which poverty exists in Haiti and the world. It has also made me re-evaluate my goals and priorities and has brought me a lot closer to God.”
“[The event that deeply affected me was] seeing the homes of the kids who attended the school. There are eight people living in such a dirty, depressing place about the same size as my bathroom and all eight of them are suffering from malnutrition.”