Southside Church - July 2011 | Hungry For Life

July 2011: ,

A team from from Southside Church traveled alongside Church Leader Mike Davies and fellow Church member and HFL staff Steve Johnson to work alongside our partners at Haiti Children's Home (HCH). The team completed the collection of sponsorship material for 98 students alongside 3 days of fun and activities that included a drink and snack. The team also assisted at Haiti Children's Home, setting up new shelving in the clinic alongside delivering over 850lbs of clothing and medical supplies. The team was also able to visit 12 homes of the children that attend school, pray over the families and bless them with a care package that included food for 2 weeks.

Community projects: 
Additional items accomplished: 
  • 98 children attended 3 day activity day (with games, food and drink)
  • 45 orphans visited
  • 10 homes visited and families prayed over
  • 850lbs of diapers, clothing, school and medical supplies were delivered
  • 2 shelving units installed (for newly delivered medical supplies)
  • 1 woman treated with medicine and medical treatment
  • 120 people attended Church revival and were fed a meal
  • 10 families blessed with food and supplies for 2 weeks

Team Testimonials:

"I think my walk with Jesus has been given new purpose and renewed energy"
"This trip has made me want to improve my habits of spending so that I can do more financially"
"Being in Haiti for 10 days has really made me appreciate the little things"
"[This trip] has made me realize that with God's love you can be happy, you don't need materialistic things"
"I have a new appreciation for what I have been blessed with and for God"
"It impacted me in showing that these people don't have much, yet they revolve their lives around God, worshiping him in everything they do."
"Reinforces my belief that one person, acting with the Spirit of God, can make a difference"