Southside Church - May 2010 | Hungry For Life

May 2010: ,

A team of 5 traveled to Mirebalais, Haiti alongside Haiti Project Manager Steve Johnson and church leader Mike Davies to build relationships alongside our partners at Haiti Children's Home. The team assessed the land that has been recently purchased for the new primary school that Southside Church has been actively involved with, including starting a school sponsorship program. The team visited the school, meeting some of the sponsor children and visiting their homes and families. The team also spent some time working alongside the staff of Haiti Children's home and caring for the abandoned and orphaned children.

Additional items accomplished: 
  • 10 families received enough food for 1 week
  • 6 people visited the city of Jacmel, touring the city and the local beach
  • 35 orphans were visited and cared for
  • 110 children at a local school received care packages alongside an activity day.
  • 2 families of children that attend school were prayed over
  • One member of the team was able to develop site plans and simple drawings for the new school layout.
  • 11 totes worth of gifts in kind were donated to orphans at the children

Team Testimonials:

"[This trip is] an amazing experience, one that I won't forget. I see the need for change and also see the impact that has already been done."
"[My heart was broken by seeing] orphans with disabilities due to lack of care and disgusting and filthy living conditions."
"I am going to use what I've learned from this trip to enhance and develop more initiatives for our Haiti missions effort."
"I see how the Haitians who have so little can have such faith and joy in God. I think about the things that were regular stresses for me at home and how minor they really are. They have shown me how to be more faithful, not so worried about tomorrow."
"There was one little boy at the orphanage that tried to get our attention by either being aggressive towards us or the other children. This got difficult to deal with. I knew [he] liked to sing so if I already had four kids on me and trying to get my attention, I would just smile at him and ask him to sing for me. He would stop what he was doing and just start singing and dancing for me. I felt God showed me just how precious he could be. All he wanted was attention."
"[Highlights were] hearing children's laughter and receiving their hugs, and seeing and experiencing the Haitians' deep love and faith and joy in God-they don't have anything in this world but have everything in Christ."
"[One highlight was] seeing the actual process of building a new school. This is something I've wanted to see for a long time (since the first SouthSide trip to Haiti). Education is something that I value most and something that I'm passionate about. It was very encouraging for me to see how things are coming together and how everything is moving forward. I can't explain how excited I am!"
"This is my fourth time coming to Haiti, and I wasn't even sure God wanted me to be on this trip. I just was not sure Haiti is something that God wants me to keep pursuing for long-term. I have been on every SouthSide Haiti trip except 2009, but I've never made Haiti as a priority for my life. I guess it was a "once a year event" even thought Haiti was always in my heart. I had too many things going on before and I was too selfish. However, I experienced the transition on this trip. I am committed to whatever God wants me to do. I will do whatever God wants me to do step by step. I have a heart for Haiti. I will do whatever I can to help this country."
"[This trip] really made me think what I could do for Haiti when I get back. I guess Haiti was not really a part of my life even though I went to Haiti before. However, I feel I am committed to make changes and work with people in Haiti in any ways I can because of this trip. It took me about four years, but I am glad God used this trip to help me to move from one stage to another stage."
"It was overwhelming to see the devastation (especially seeing how people are living in Port-Au-Prince after the earthquake."