Surrey Alliance Church - November 2010 | Hungry For Life

November 2010: ,

Hungry For Life team leader Gord Houghton alongside Surrey Alliance Church leader Grace Ortlieb traveled to Grand Goave, Haiti as a part of their church's involvement in community transformation in the community of Thozin. The team included skilled craftsmen that volunteered their time in order to train and teach local students of Haiti ARISE Ministries (HAM) as well as help construct the Medical Clinic building and finished up the elementary school. The team also participated in various ministry opportunities such as bible studies, sports ministries and home visitations, in order to bless the work that HAM is doing in Thozin.

Additional items accomplished: 
  • 3 goats were given to people in the community
  • 4 students sponsored to attend computer class
  • 6 bunk beds and a table were built for the Haiti ARISE residence building
  • 8 laptop computers were donated from TELUS to computer lab
  • 12 Women participated in a bible study
  • 12 girls (13 - 17 years) participated in a girls outreach night
  • 200 children attended children's church in the community of Tapion
  • 200 Hygiene bags were put together and handed out during home visits
  • Roof was formed for 1st phase of Medical Clinic
  • Varnished playground and completed painting inside school
  • Made curtains for all the rooms in residence building
  • Visited the homes of kitchen staff and prayed for them
  • Replaced regulator on the generator and repaired inverter for power system

Team Testimonials:

"[A few highlights were] reconnecting with Kiki; I was able to tell him I have prayed for him [as well as] leading Haitian and Canadian woman in bible study."
"My desire to serve others has grown. I believe I am becoming more flexible and more willing to serve. Understanding to be a leader; I must be a good follower, Christ is the ultimate example of humility."
"I've learned to be more of a listener and encourage choosing fewer words but with more effect. I've learned about living in harmony and surrendering my will for others to exercise theirs where appropriate."
"[It affected me deeply] when we met Cecion and his family and when his granddaughter called me blanc leading to a deeper conversation. Cecions urgency to pray right now, his level of obvious conviction and the blessing he was when he said we were like Jesus coming to him today. He came to church twice. He praised God the moment he met him."
"[I will] pray more for our Haitian friends [and I will] spend time with Mildred (be the church)."
"[One highlight was] participating in the vibrant worship of the Haitian church at Haiti Arise"
"[This trip has impacted me by] realizing the affluence of our society. I feel more inclined to share my life and what I have with the people of Haiti."
"[Because of this trip I now have a] greater appreciation of what I have been blessed with and a greater desire to share."
"The drive through Port au Prince broke my heart. To see the poverty and the garbage was shocking."
"[I will] pray for the country of Haiti, the people of Haitian church and for some of the individuals that I met at Haiti Arise."
"[One highlight was] by coming back a second time and seeing how Haiti Arise has trained people to do things that they can take with them to support their families and provide food."
"[What impacted me was] to see the youth of the church take leadership roles in leading in worship. They are the future of this country."
"[This trip has helped me] to openly pray out loud more in a big group; just seeing how prayer works."
"[It broke my heart to see] when I was dumping the garbage into a pit for burning and on my second trip back seeing little kids going through my first load looking for food. That crushed me, thinking how I take food for granted."
"[I will] work on the youth of our church to step up to give back to the younger kids and to see who would start thinking about coming down to Haiti to serve."
"[A highlight was at the] Tuesday and Sunday service: The enthusiasm of the Haitian's faith as they sang and danced. It was impossible not to be moved."
"[This trip has helped me see] that helping Haiti is a long term project; there is so much to do to get them self-sustaining. There is no quick magic solution; Education, growing food, clean water, sanitation, Christianity."
"I am a lot less surprised at how little people can live on and how much faith people have and demonstrate in these circumstances. I trust God more now when I need Him to help me deal with situations."
"[What broke my heart was] the walkabouts thru the tents cities; the extreme poverty and primitive facilities for the necessities of life. God showed that even in those conditions faith can make it bearable to live there. He has given hope that you can live one day at a time when you put your trust in him."
"[One highlight was seeing] the amazing grace the Haitians have."
"[What impacted me was] how open the Haitians are open to listen to God's word."
"I believe I have a deepened understanding of God's purpose for my life."
"There she stood in rags with a four day baby girl. The mother is so thin; she stands in front of her ragged tent that she shares with six more of her children."
"[I will] spend serious time in God's word that I may get a deeper understanding."
"[A highlight was] to see the openness of the people to the things of God. They are so willing to speak to others of Jesus and what He has done for them."
"This trip has allowed me to feel out, perhaps even better, to put flesh on the bones of being the hands and feet of Jesus."
"Seeing their faith in action has shown me how insulated I have become."
"[My heart was broken by] the poverty as we walked through the village. They are joyful and praise God for what little they have. God spoke to me about the things I have and the North American culture of always wanting more. The Haitian Christians have the better thing."
"I am going to endeavor to be more open with those around me, to speak of my faith in the Lord."
"I have three highlights I'd like to share. Seeing God provide paint and how He affirmed our project (gave us two days off school to help us complete the project). As well as building a relationship with a young teen as we poured over the Creole-English book and when we got to go to the beach."
"[This trip was] good for my soul to be immersed in a faith community for a couple of weeks. As North Americans we are task oriented and we are driven to complete projects. I have found that at Haiti Arise the emphasis is on ministry and relationships. I found it difficult to put aside my goals to be available for as much ministry as goes on most days of the week at Haiti Arise."
"I learned that I need to set boundaries for my personal well-being and that doesn't mean I'm being selfish. To be a leader means to think and plan for your team. Often your own tasks are put on hold until your team is cared for."
"[A highlight was] experiencing a different culture and the friendliness of the people."
"[Because of this trip I've realized] how far removed I'm from the Haitian culture or way of life and how they praise God in spite of the conditions they live."
"[What broke my heart was] the conditions the people live under; it seems so far removed from where I live. I feel helpless that I can't do more."
"[I will] try to live life more simply and be less of a consumer."
"[Highlights were] community evangelism and teaching English to post-secondary students."
"[This trip] has taught me to love and appreciate the gifting and uniqueness of the body of Christ more deeply because God takes us as we are, messed up and broken and teaches us to serve out of that life and in serving He heals us. It's challenged me to be bolder in my witness at home - speaking the truth in love. It's caused me to think about how to be more generous and it's shown me that to the degree I spend in His work and to the degree I obey what is in His work is direct proportion to how much I grow spiritually."
"Will coming home to my comfortable world re-anaesthetize me or will what I have seen and heard activate a renewed commitment to serve those in need in Surrey?"
"[What broke my heart was] children picking through our garbage from Haiti Arise Ministries. Young men wanting to work and learn English but not finding a job - no future, discouraged."
"[In the next six months I will] look for somewhere to serve the Surrey Alliance Church body, ask God to show me how I can be a part of the solution to injustice in my world and to give not just generously, but sacrificially."