Trail Alliance Church - March 2010 | Hungry For Life

March 2010: ,

A team of ten from Trail Alliance Church traveled to Guatemala to begin project work in the rural community of Lacama II. The purpose of this trip was to begin building relationships with the people in the community of Lacama II and aid the church with the construction of their new building. They also did children's programs with the kids in order to build relationships and share the love of Jesus Christ.

Community projects: 
Additional items accomplished: 
  • Built and poured the cement for a second story floor of the new church building.
  • Held three children's programs; approximately 50 children attended each time.
  • Each team member had opportunity to share their testimony at church.
  • Pastor Anthony shared a sermon at church, which was broadcasted on loud speaker to the whole valley.
  • Built relationships with many of the locals as the team worked alongside them during construction.

Team Testimonials:

"God showed me that His language is universal, and that is love."
"[I have been changed by] seeing how readily people give to help build this church, even when it means not eating well, has been really encouraging."
"[One highlight was] being able to interact with people from a ... country that is so different from ours."
"[One thing I will do differently is] concentrate a lot more on God by setting time aside for devotions and prayer."
"[I have] been challenged to stretch my faith and pray bigger prayers."
"[I] hope to be more diligent in daily devotions, and be more open about God's saving power in my life-and let people know it's available to them."
"[When I go home I will] tell people about my trip and how wonderful God is, and always try my best to be a good example for Christ."
"It [this trip] has sparked a confidence to do God's work and to see the need to help others in need in our own community."
"[One thing I will do differently is] continue devotions and bring Jesus everywhere I go by trying to live a better Christian life."
"[One highlight was] living out faith and obedience in very practical ways, finding once more that God is the giver of full, abundant, and adventuresome life."
"Watching a community come together to help build a church really affected me."
"It [this trip] has challenged and stretched me spiritually, physically and emotionally."
"I was reminded once again how much God loves His Church in a very real and intense way."
"I've been challenged to have increased grace and patience with my brothers and sisters as we work for God's glory."