Trail Alliance Church - March 2011 | Hungry For Life

March 2011: ,

A team from Trail Alliance traveled to Lacama II, Guatemala along with HFL team leader Kelly Edgeley and church group leader Kent Maddigan. The team worked with our partner Carlos Costop to aid the Church in finishing their church building, including adding on a front balcony / entrance way and a back pulpit. The team also had opportunities to hold theological seminars and also to provide a meal and grocery bags for families in the community, as well as run two children's programs.

Community projects: 
Additional items accomplished: 
  • Six 20x20 ft wood form sections were made
  • Four rebar beams were tied by the team
  • Six 20x20 ft rebar mats were tied
  • Six 20x20 ft areas were poured with concrete
  • 150 goody bags were put together with toys, candies school supplies etc
  • Two children's programs were held with around 85 kids at the first one and 120 kids at the second one
  • A tooth brushing demonstration was given to parents and kids with 125 toothbrush/toothpaste packages given out
  • Testimonies were given at the church service by each team member

Team Testimonials:

"One highlight I experienced was the prayer of Pastor Manuel when we first arrived and were all together in the dining room area. It was so powerful; it felt like angels were among us."
"This trip has impacted me and made me want to serve more."
"I have been changed by this trip and I now know that I can go even further for God and can live for Him in many different ways."
"The event that has affected me the most was seeing Thomas taking the time to kiss his baby during our breaks and the pride and pleasure he showed for his family."
"In the next six months I am going to continue to look at ways to open myself up to new places that God might want to use me, and I am going to look for an opportunity to serve on another mission's trip again."
"I am going to try and be more grateful and really think about how my decisions can affect my spirituality."
"On this trip I felt a real sense of not being able to help enough."