Voice of Hope March 2020 | Hungry For Life

March 2020: ,

In March 2020, a Voice of Hope team led by MaryAnne Westeringh plans to return to Kenya. 

Team Testimonials:

"It broke my heart to see school age kids by the school but not attending simply because they can't afford tuition fees."
"It is so easy to say that we are going to change, but to actually change is a different matter. I will definitely try to be more grateful."
"One highlight for me was how the ladies could be loving God despite all the loss and hardships of their lives."
"Knowing that God called us and we obeyed has been the rewarding part and also knowing that we helped 18 women hopefully change their lives."
"I never realized what poverty really looked like. How the widows had faith and trust in God for all things, their smiles, how thankful they are in difficult circumstances, and how appreciative they are."
"The stories of some of the women broke my heart."