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Another rewarding day

Thursday, January 16th, 2014

This post by Harv W

The roosters start singing earlier every day; it must be that full moon. Today was a work day for most of us. I worked with Joel today and built shelves for the homes that are only partially completed. We just started getting on with our systems, and then the electricity cut out. So we assembled a generator, and Joel went around the neighborhood bargaining for gas. He eventually came back with 4 gallons of gas. By that time, the electricity was on again. Patience is a key word here.

We got all the shelves done, and we also got the electric water pump up and running. That was a big goal of this trip, so there are lots of smiles here. We also received most of the building materials from the hardware store in Hinche, so we loaded that in the big steel depot bin.

After dinner, we sat around with a cold coke or 7-up, and told each other how our day went. Some of the girls went to a feeding program that UCI sponsors 4 times per week, helping out there with distributing lunch to these hungry kids, just up the road from where we are staying. It is amazing how friendly people are here, with so much poverty all around. Some of our team went up to see an irrigation project that diverts water from a stream into a plantation. All in all, it was an awesome day.

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