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Sunday, January 19th, 2014

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Well here I am in Haiti Again, this is now my sixth time visiting this beautiful country. Loren and Francine were born in Haiti and 2 years ago the Lord helped us find their family. I see my son Loren as I watch his older brother Senelues working in the hot Haitian sun.

Haiti is a place where many of it’s citizens struggle to feed themselves and their families. Many Haitians are illiterate. Loren’s brother Jackson is now going to school but he is 20 years old and only in grade 3. 

Our team had the privilege and the challenge of working with our Haitian brothers mixing concrete by hand and carrying concrete in 5 gallon buckets in 30 degrees plus temperatures. We are not bragging about our endurance compared to theirs.

Our mission as the Westbow Team is to help support a young Christian university that is operated by the wonderful people at UCI (United Christian International) in Pignon, Hiati. We are developing a small support village that will house professors, teachers, and other support personal for the schools at UCI. The village is also expected to provide houses for homeless widows. Our goal is to finish a 6-unit guest house along with 3 other prototype houses. There is room for 37 homes in the village of Cana and we hope that this village will be place of refuge for God’s people in a hot and dry land.

We were overjoyed when the electric water pump that Albert O. had installed to supply the village with water started pumping a steady stream of water. Our joy soon turned to concern when the well ran dry within 1 hour of pumping.

Haiti is an amazing place of highs and lows. The beautiful smiles that constantly greet us all day long as we meet the local Haitians do not adequately prepare the North American visitor for the hunger that is suffered in the shadows of the villages. Our team has met widows and orphans and has witnessed the ugly side of hunger. Too many Haitian children are hungry. We have met Nelson, a former witch doctor who explains to us why so much of Haiti is so poor. Lack of food and education combined with Voodooism is holding Haiti down. Voodoo is all about serving one’s self, at the expense of anyone who may be in your way. A voodoo witch doctor invites a spirit (evil) into him or herself to obtain power. When the evil spirit is controlling the doctor, the doctor must do as the spirit directs even if it says go kill your wife. Nelson says that voodoo and Christianity are polar opposites. Please pray that the Holy Spirit comes with power to Haiti.

Ps, I invite you to contact Hungry For Life to find out how you can make a positive difference for the people of Haiti.

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