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January 2014: ,

A team of 13 people from Westbow Construction and HFL staff TJ Walter traveled to Caiman, Haiti to work alongside United Christians International (UCI). The team worked alongside Haitian staff in construction of new homes as a part of UCI's vision to relieve the suffering of many Haitians that remain homeless after the 2010 earthquake. The team also was engaged in the many ministry areas of UCI, developing relationships with staff and the community of Caiman.

Community projects: 

Team Testimonials:

“(In the next six months) I want to spend more time praying! I know God has the answers.”
“I know I can help others with what I know and am willing to keep learning”
“I want to be brave enough to share my passion and dreams with others and pray that God will use me to encourage many more women to give of our abundance to those in need.”
“(One highlight from the trip was) meeting and talking with the Haitian people, hearing their stories and experiences.”
“(It broke my heart) seeing how the education system here needs so much improvement.”
“(This trip) made me realize again how we are so blessed in Canada and how so many others do not have.”
“(One highlight was) seeing my family in Haiti.”
“Huge eye opener, it is a humbling experience to see how blessed we are to live where we do, this will be a major realization of how a little help makes a big impact.”
“I feel a much larger need spiritually to pray and I think this will change a lot of different aspects of my life.”
“These Haitians seem so happy with what they have and I was shocked at how content they were.”

Team Blog:

Thursday, January 9th, 2014

Made it!

We had a great flight to Miami – very little turbulence, and even less sleep. We arrived in Miami at 3:30 PST this morning. We had to wait 5 hours for our connecting flight to Port-au-Prince. Pretty much our whole crew fell asleep in the terminal. Our flight to Haiti was real pretty, as we flew over several of the Caribbean islands, and could clearly see activities happening down below.

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Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

Westbow Construction team leaves in six sleeps!

We're on our way to Caiman, Haiti in less that a week now! Keep an eye on this blog to hear about the teams thoughts and experiences at UCI.

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